Increasing Awareness of Socially Engaged Artists and Communities

A Blade of Grass

A Blade of Grass is the first nonprofit solely dedicated to nurturing socially engaged art. Since 2011, They have quickly established a strong reputation as thought leaders in a rapidly growing field.

The primary mission of A Blade of Grass is to support and present media and content about socially engaged art, while actively developing and seeking funding through grants and donations.

This redesign effort is the first comprehensive look at design and branding since ABOG’s inception as a private foundation in 2011. Its primary objectives were:

  • Grow out of a childlike, confusing visual identity
  • Retire the existing rabbit logo and 500+ color palette while maintaining the sense of mercurial lightness that motivated these choices
  • Communicate to a variety of audiences, including artists and arts practitioners; financial supporters inside and outside the art world; project participants; and general audiences
  • Communicate ABOG’s commitment to social justice, and the notion that artists have a specific role to play as agents of change
  • Communicate the serious scholarship that our programs are grounded in while maintaining a sense of accessibility to a general audience
  • Ensure that ABOG’s website effectively acts as our “museum,” or our primary site for presenting media and content about socially engaged art projects
  • Clearly communicate that ABOG is a public charity that actively solicits support, rather than a private foundation
  • Clarify the sub-branding of various activities and initiatives such as Fellowships, Discussion Forums, and Fieldworks films.
  • ContractedContracted2016 – 2017
  • Scope of WorkIndustryBrand Positioning, Visual Identity, Digital Marketing Strategies, SEO, Website Design & Development
  • Target SegmentsServicesArts & Culture, Foundations, Social Activists, Media
Primary Brand Signature
The foundation is a platform supporting the Socially Engaged Communities and a stage for Socially Engaged Artists and the issues that they address.
Primary Brand Signature with Descriptive Tagline
The foundation’s name is a source of confusion which we addressed directly by placing their mission above their name.
Sub-Brand Signatures
A Blade of Grass identifies four distinct sub-brands that all serve the larger mission to distribute media and content about socially engaged art.
abog-card-frt cruz
abog-card-ach 1
abog-card-ach 3
abog-card-ach 4
abog-card-ach 2
abog-card-ach 5
abog-card-ach 6
abog-card-frt salazar
Signal and Response
Socially Engaged Art is a non-object based medium. The artists orchestrate actions, events or interventions. They create a call with the intention of triggering a response. This exchange of signal and response became the anchor for brand positioning and the design of collateral. In the case of the business cards, I created 6 games — open-ended questions and prompts designed to trigger a conversation between people.
Social Media Campaigns
Socially media strategies carried the “Signal and Response” positioning forward was we launched the new band and website. Our in-house collaborators at the foundation, working with the Brand VIS and positioning guidelines continue to produce dynamic content that is in line with the brand voice that was launched.
Three Landing Pages Help Audience Segmentation
Click-through Sorting Allows for Deep Topic Dives 
Single Topic and Long-form Pages